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Navajo Rugs for Sale Company Modern Banded Double Saddle Blanket Navajo Rug Weaving Circa 1980 for Sale NRFSC0963
Number: 963 Description: A banded Navajo Double Saddle blanket with Chinle Stars. Rug Size: 30" x 60" Colors: Red, gray,[...]
Navajo Rugs for Sale Company Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug Weaving Circa 1970 for Sale NRFSC0934
Description: This Colorful Teec Nos Pos Navajo rug features outlined zigzag lines, panels of banded stripes and 13 squash blossoms.[...]
Navajo Rugs for Sale Company Modern Seven Female Yei Navajo Rug Weaving Circa 1950 for Sale NRFSC0778
Description: Seven Female Navajo Yei Rug Size: 58″ x 33″ Colors: White, Tan, Taupe, Gray, Black and Green Condition: Excellent[...]
Navajo Rugs for Sale Company Antique JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug Weaving Circa 1930 for Sale NRFSC0858
Description: This rug has four connecting half diamonds at the top and bottom, seven connecting small diamonds to four rows[...]
Navajo Rugs for Sale Company Double Saddle Blanket Navajo Rug Weaving Circa 1920 for Sale NRFSC0471
Number: 471 Description: Very well woven Navajo open field double saddle blanket with a gray field and black & white[...]

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Enriched Interior Design You Won't Want to Live Without

Woven for Posterity

Navajo Rug Weaving will last your lifetime, and many others. Enhance your quality of life with genuine Native American Indian Navajo Weaving for sale. Enjoy a piece of history. Whether an Antique Navajo Rug, or a Modern Navajo Rug, your life will be enriched living with the beautiful pieces of art.

Beautifully Evocative

American Indian Art has a timeless beauty that is inspires and brings a sense of place. Indigenous art evokes a sense of history that enriches our lives. This gives us a feeling of belonging. Of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. These works of art will calm your senses and comfort your heart.

Traditional Art

The Navajo tradition of weaving is many years old going back decades. The traditional ways are still being practiced today. Navajo weaving was introduced to the people and they ran with it and made it their own.

Navajo Rugs for Sale

Nothing Quite Like Navajo Weaving

Navajo Blankets. Navajo Rugs. Navajo Saddle Blankets. They are all part of the great tradition of Navajo Weaving. While most collectors enjoy the warmth and beauty of these woven pieces of history, they are also very functional. A genuine Navajo Saddle Blanket will last horse enthusiasts many years and bring a poetic symmetry to horseback riding. Child's Blankets and Chief's Blankets actually can be used as blankets. And the Navajo rug. Mostly you'll be hanging these on a wall. But they are really durable and beautiful rugs too. On the floor. No kidding.